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Hoping the busy season is keeping you on the ball…

My mother in law has done well with Intervene Herbal for her shingles, and her blood pressure has stabilised, thank you.

A friend of mine, Mark Stoermer, disabled from birth, used to be on crutches, but now on wheelchair for 5 years, is struggling with blood pressure, on “xxx”. Would like to know if something more natural is possible.

If you could get in contact with him please.

His contact details attached.


Download link.

Dieter Hillermann

done well with Intervene Herbal for her shingles

Hi.. made payment now. Sorry still in hosp.

Dr want to know what I am using for blood. Ask me every day. Can’t believe how healthy my blood is. I said my secret. Send your patients we will fix them. My supplements was in my drawer in high care. He immediately looked, but the bottle has no label. The look on his face.. I just laughed. He is completely baffled.


He compared all my previous opp and results the week before op. He is stunned. Did same protocol for friend that had backopp in Dec. I said so how did she did this time. He said she crushed through opp. Last time she received 5 units of blood was really sick. This time no blood healthy exercising. It is amazing. I had no oxygen in high care my oxygen saturation in blood was between 100 and 97 the whole time. My specialist also baffled. They thought previous opp. was just lucky. This time they realise it has nothing to do with luck. You are going to change the world with this.


Download results.

Charmaine van Zyl

My specialist also baffled