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RLS Medications is a South African Herbal Supplement Distributor.

All the products are harvested and naturally dried under ideal conditions. Only natural plant essences are extracted using the most efficient, non-chemical methods. Ethanol is produced from locally grown maize and the plant material is then distilled through a one of a kind, custom distiller which ensures a 96% plant extract. This hygienic, meticulously monitored process results in the highest and purest quality supplements.

The ingredients of Intervene Herbal is imported from across the world. Our suppliers provide the highest quality of uncontaminated, pesticide and GMO free essential oils to ensure the best possible results for all herbal supplements.

Intervene Herbal SA

RLS Medications is the National Distribution Centre for Intervene Herbal SA; we distribute across South Africa for retail and wholesale purposes.

For deliveries to your doorstep contact:
Orders at – 063 309 5822

Intervene Herbal - Distribution Centre SA

Distribution Centre SA

Cancer Protocols:

RLS Medications main focus is to support and help clients in the fight against cancer. We understand that there is no miracle cure when it comes to cancer. Fighting cancer is a holistic approach that includes a wide spectrum of protocols and lifestyle changes.

There are a few essential steps to be taken when fighting cancer like balancing pH levels, detoxifying the body and blood, ensuring there are no harmful bacteria, viruses or fungi; and last but not least boosting the immune system.

There are many aspects to take in consideration when fighting cancer.  Detoxing is one of the essential steps.  However if any one of the detox organs (liver, kidney, pancreas) have been compromised, it is vital to ensure the particular organ is working optimally.

Intervene Herbal is a natural supplement that was not only designed to address the above mentioned steps; but was created from over 25 of the highest quality blend of botanical oil extracts produced with advanced Quantum Angstrom Technology (QAT).

It is important to note that Intervene Herbal is not a chemical based medication but a well refined herbal supplement that may assist the body in fighting cancer.

Every person and condition is unique and requires a defined protocol, RLS Medications has more than 25 different products that may assist with the individual requirements.

The next step:

Due to the wide variety of aspects that will affect our protocols, we would like to suggest that you commence by downloading and filling out a short questionnaire to provide us with adequate knowledge to assist to formulate a protocol and offer the best possible assistance.

Once completed, please forward your questionnaire to your accredited consultant or to: admin@RLSmedications (dot)
Download – Protocol Questionnaire

Please feel free to contact a consultant for assistance:
012 661 4426  |  063 309 5822


Additional to RLS Medications cancer support, the alternative herbal supplements include a large list that may assist with a variety of health conditions, aliments, chronic life threatening diseases and disorders.

Please feel free to view our testimonials page of clients that have benefitted from the supplements RLS Medications offer.

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RLS Medications offers a wide range of supplements that may assist with or may assist in caring for the listed conditions. It is important to understand that the supplements can’t cure all ailments and results may vary.
The products are 100% natural and non-toxic. RLS Medications make no claims towards the effectiveness of products listed on this website.
RLS Medications does not advocate that anybody ceases taking medication prescribed to them by their doctors. These statements have not been evaluated by the SAHPRA and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Please contact a RLS Medications consultant for correct directions of use.
RLS Medications

POPI ActRLS Medications would like to inform you that we’ve updated our privacy policy, in line with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), which came into effect on 1 July 2021. Read more…

Return Policy
At RLS Medications client satisfaction is a high priority. Our team strive to accommodate each client to the best of their ability and aim to achieve the highest success rate possible. Based on these business ethics, RLS Medications guaranteed a 90day return policy on any sealed stock purchased from directly RLS Medications. (ACT 101 OF 1965).