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Testimonials listed on this page are feedback from clients that has used our products in the past to assist against various ailments, RLS Medications do not make any claims nor is it our intention to make any such claims. These testimonials is base on the perception of the individuals that has used our protocols that may have assisted in improving their ailments. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These unregistered medicines has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for their quality, safety or intended use.


Video Testimonials

Angie – Cervical cancer: (Beaten Cancer – November 2021)

With the assistance of Intervene Herbal, Angie managed to eradicate, Cervical cancer, Fibroids, severe Anaemia and various other ailments.
Angie is now living a healthy CANCER FREE LIFE thanks to Intervene.

“Wow Wilco.
Only now realize that I actually had a “life threatening” disease and having made the choice to grab the possibility that was presented to me I lived to tell the story.
I’m actually emotional currently,
God bless you, Johnny and the rest of the team.”


Mrs. Sandra Harris – Stage 4 Breast, Lung & 4th thoracic vertebrae (T4) Cancer: (Beaten Cancer – August 2017)

3 MONTHS AGO, Sandra was diagnosed with terminal cancer, with 3 months to live! the Dr’s said there was nothing that can be done…

Sandra was declared CANCER FEE!

Through Gods divine intervention and the help of Intervene Herbal, Sandra managed to completely eradicate Stage 4 Lung & Bone Marrow Cancer within two months.
Congratulation  Sandra!
& God Bless!

MNR DJ Els – Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer: (Beaten Cancer – January 2017)

Dawie – Diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer;
Declared CANCER FREE 4 months later with the help of Intervene Herbal.


Dr WH Steyn Weits:
This is unbelievable, I have never seen something like this…

Flower HIV Aids & Cancer – Testimonial

Flower was diagnosed with HIV Aids in 2007, and soon after, due to a weakened immune system, contracted KS (Kaposi’s Sarcoma) – Cancer

By November 2014, during Flower’s medical examination, her total HIV viral load depreciated lower than the detectable 40 copies/ml. and all HIV Aids related threats including CANCER where eradicated!

Today Flower is living a normal everyday life, with one difference, an ambition to share her experience.
An ambition to tell people about Intervene, people diagnosed with Cancer, HIV Aids, Diabetes, Parkinson’s

Rob – Stage 4 Prostate & Bone Marrow Cancer, Tumours on the Bladder & Colon, Leukaemia

Diagnosed in 2011, by 2012 Rob was told that he had three months to live. Intervened 2013. Just another Proud Cancer survivor!

Download Blood test (212.kb)...

Vusi – Diagnosed with an unidentified decease similar to TB: (Recovered) – June 2015

By the end of June he already lost 12kg and was convinced that he was NOT going to make it! After Intervening at the beginning of July, he made a miraculous recovery and was able to return to work…

Intervene Herbal – Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL for – Intervene Herbal 

Niekie Farlam – 12 Jan 2016
Thanks to this horrible tasting stuff i have my life back! 3 years of specialists and expensive medicine and then this:) Thank u very much!

TESTIMONIAL for – Intervene

15 June 2014
12 years school boy with epilepsy, was in a boarding school condition became serious as was getting attacks three times a day, teachers had to call for parents to take him back home for care, fortunately parents heard about Intervene, they give him after the 2nd bottle the boy was fine no more attacks and is back to school.

TESTIMONIAL for – Grade one diastolic dysfunction which is (heart failure) Intervene Herbal

Charmaine van Zyl – 9 September 2016
Intervene 4 heart failureWhen in hospital now I was diagnosed with grade one diastolic dysfunction which is heart failure. I always struggled with the heart program on myself and it would give me an “extreme cardiac dysfunction”. Since I have started on the Intervene it now gives me “heart rhythm disturbance” with higher scores that before. It really looks that it is improving heart health as well. I am really excited about this as the Dr said to me there is no cure for the heart failure I have.

One thing I did realise with his last test is that his heart improved quite a lot, and with the first try it was at 75 and not 45 anymore.

Thanks for this wonderful supplement.
Click to see the full testimonial with graph’s…


A note from Charmaine – 2017-01-20

“Sorry still in hosp.
Dr want to know what I am using for blood. Ask me every day. Can’t believe how healthy my blood is. I said my secret. Send your patients we will fix them. My supplements was in my drawer in high care. He immediately looked, but the bottle has no label. The look on his face.. I just laughed. He is completely baffled.

He compared all my previous opp and results the week before op. He is stunned. Did same protocol for friend that had backopp in Dec. I said so how did she did this time. He said she crushed through opp. Last time she received 5 units of blood was really sick. This time no blood healthy exercising. It is amazing. I had no oxygen in high care my oxygen saturation in blood was between 100 and 97 the whole time. My specialist also baffled. They thought previous opp. was just lucky. This time they realise it has nothing to do with luck. You are going to change the world with this.”

TESTIMONIAL for – Intervene

Sam – 26 May 2016

Good day Wilco
Up until now I’ve been skeptical about the existence of angels(messengers of God). I believe that our meeting was divine, after what I’ve experienced with Intervene.

You gave me a week to see the changes that the medicine brings in a person’s health, that’s 7 days precisely. Well guess what, I began noticing changes in 7 hours of taking only 1 capful of it. I had stubborn wounds that didn’t want to heal, whole body itchiness, perpetual flue and a generally tired body.

I took a capful just before going to bed(around 10pm),when I woke up(around past 5am) the following morning, as usual, due to anxiety I checked the wounds if anything was happening to them. Lo and behold, they were already drying up, the itchiness gone, right now I’m full of energy again like I used to be I can’t remember when. I cannot begging to imagine how my health will be by the time the bottle finishes. This thing is not a medicine, it’s a miracle in a bottle. I just wanna thank our maker for enabling me to meet you.

You were truly a God sent answer to my health. Send my kind regards to your beautiful family and stay blessed.

Bye for now.

TESTIMONIAL for – Intervene

17 June 2014
From the continuous use of Paracetamol and Aspirin related medications, I developed rashes, tummy troubles, bladder troubles etc. I had skin blemishes and on my arms and hands. After using Intervene herbal they are Gone.

TESTIMONIAL for – Intervene

Rashe – 15 June 2014
I have suffered from High Blood pressure, and cholesterol problems most of my adult life. I decided to buy a bottle of Intervene herbal because I had tried everything else and nothing had worked. After approx 2 days, I noticed a massive increase in energy. I had my blood pressure checked a couple of days later and it was absolutely normal as well as my cholesterol levels. Thank God for Intervene herbal.


Restless Legs Syndrome – Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL for – Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs SyndromeWilco – 03 January 2016
“I have tried various products over many years but only once I discovered Ceraflow could I really say that my irritable legs are something of the past.

It upsetted me that I was not told sooner about this solution to Restless Legs Syndrome. I strongly feel that no one should have to struggle like I did. I have therefore made it my mission to create awareness for this remedy. RLS sufferers have the right to know what it feels like to sleep like a baby.

Thank you Ceraflow!”

TESTIMONIAL for – Restless Leg Syndrome

Mervyn – Cape Town (RLS) – 11 July 2016
I’ve struggled with restless leg syndrome (RLS) and periodic limb movement (PLM) for decades. While I’ve not often woken during the night as a result of these challenges, I have found it extremely difficult at times to go to sleep because of the RLS. My wife, on the other hand, has been the ‘victim’ of my PLM and has suffered the consequence of her loss of sleep.

Over the years I have tried everything I could to mitigate the effects of these two conditions but with limited success until I discovered Ceraflow. Ceraflow, without being ‘dramatic’, has changed my life. I find it hard to recall when last I battled with the RLS ‘feelings’ and my wife is a fan of the product because it has significantly reduce my PLM. As a consequence, she now benefits from uninterrupted sleep and I on the other hand awake in the morning feeling so much more alert.

I travel regularly by air and one of the worst challenges is RLS on a long flight. Now I take an extra capsule an hour or two before my flight and have not had an in-flight RLS episode since. I have no hesitation in recommending Ceraflow, it’s been a life changer!

Ceraflow – Increases cerebral blood circulation and may assists with Headaches & migraines / memory / strokes / dementia / Meniére’s Syndrome / and Restless Legs Syndrome.

TESTIMONIAL for – Restless Legs Syndrome

DD South Africa – 15 June 2014
Started using Intervene Herbal on recommendation of a friend who has cancer. I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that I no longer suffer from restless legs. I am so happy to share with you that since taking the Intervene I have not had the restless legs. It is wonderful and I will be sure to recommend your product.

Migraine / Headaches – Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL for – Migraine Headaches

MigrainesSasha Du Plessis – 25 April 2016
“Eventually one product that actually works. Ceraflow changed my life. I used to get headaches at least twice a week and… since I have been using Ceraflow I had two headaches in three months. This product is absolutely amazing.”

“RLS Medications – Why fight the pain if you can use a product that can assist with the cause and potentially prevent headaches and migraines all together?”
Ceraflow – Increases cerebral blood circulation and assists with Headaches & migraines / memory / strokes / dementia / Meniére’s Syndrome / and Restless Legs Syndrome.