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Intervene – Detox:

Directions for use:

  • Intervene should be taken at least one hour before or after meals during prayer.
  • Mixed with a glass of room temperature water or pure natural squeezed juice (not concentrated flavoured drinks or carbonated drinks!)
  • Keep refrigerated after opened
  • Best before use date, once opened – 30 days (Shelf life – 1 year)
  • If infected areas are close to the shin, we suggest applying Intervene externally (1 to 2ml twice daily); to accelerate the healing process.


Suggested dosage – 30ml per day –
(Estimated on 3 bottle/s per month for a time period of 1 x month;
Thereafter a monthly maintenance of 1 bottle per month is suggested for immune boost.)


Please feel free to contact me with any queries.